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Dwain St.Julian

Fitness Coach


Saint Fitness has been training clients in the Houston area for over 25 years. NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Dwain St.Julian, has helped clients achieve the results they want with his simple, no-nonsense approach to fitness — assess where you are and set goals for where you want to be, and then eat clean and track your calories and macros, train hard at least three times per week, hydrate and get quality sleep — and do this with consistency over time and you will get results.


Saint Fitness began out of inspiration from my own personal health and fitness journey. I was small-framed in stature and somewhat of a sickly kid with the challenge of severe childhood asthma. I was diagnosed with bronchitis, asthma, and eventually pneumonia, which resulted in me being hospitalized in the fall of each school year up until the age of 12.

Being sick so often caused me to grow up with a very picky appetite and this carried on throughout my high school years. After my father passed away in an auto accident one month before starting high school, there was not much structure nor focus on my nutrition — I was just surviving and trying to maintain a calm and grateful spirit while we were loving on and supporting each other as a family while dealing with that loss.

Fast forwarding into my freshman year in college, I decided to take charge of my body and my life and turned my health and my physique around through weight training and learning everything I could about nutrition. As I changed — and as my body changed — people took notice. People began to approach me for advice. Having zero formal training and no fitness certifications at the time, I advised they seek more suitable counsel, which did not work, and resulted in me taking on 2 or 3 people who were willing to pay me for fitness and nutrition guidance.

When I started college at Prairie View A&M University, I weighed roughly 128 pounds, and the day I graduated I weighed roughly 195 pounds, consisting of predominantly lean mass with very low body fat. After earning my bachelor’s in Psychology, I considered pursuing my PhD in Clinical Psychology with a goal of eventually starting my own practice, but God had other plans.

After a handful of career changes, it had become clear that God led me on this path to minister to people on how to properly take care of their one and only God-given temple — their body! Since making the decision to step out in faith in 2001 and launch my personal training business, Saint Fitness has been blessed to have helped countless individuals and families turn their health around — looking, feeling and functioning optimally. We’ve also been blessed to mentor and support others who felt led to start their own fitness businesses.

Of course, there have been bumps and bruises, setbacks and failures along the way. The relentless pursuit of this calling of mine has also taken a toll on my family and even my marriage, but today we are still going strong, if not stronger, for the Kingdom of God — coaching others on the benefits of a healthier and stronger lifestyle and ministering to them about the Goodness and the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13