Personal Training


Individualized Training for Everyone

This type of training is recommended for an individual that that would prefer to have exclusive training, by having the UNDIVIDED ATTENTION AT ALL TIMES.

Saint Fitness will challenge you to your full potential. With one-on-one guidance, Saint Fitness will design a routine that will continually change, in order to receive the full benefits of each and every workout. Saint Fitness believes that challenging you to new levels will encourage you to stay focused and not only reach the goals that have been set, but to conquer them! With any training, Saint Fitness will teach you how to properly use machines, free weights, and correct breathing technique.

“It takes four weeks for you to see a difference, eight weeks for friends and family to see and 12 weeks for the world to see your weight loss”

One-on-one training can be for anyone; however, it is ONLY encouraged for those who are willing to take the extra steps of having someone consistently assisting them to strive for higher goals.

You are worth it — get started today.

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