Any Fitness Level or Body Type, Any Schedule or Budget — We’ve Got You Covered


Training for Everyone

  • Private sessions
  • Meal Plan
  • Assessments


Small Group Training

Up to Four People

  • Semi-private
  • Meal Plan
  • Assessments


Meal Plans & Workouts

Combo deal

  • Self-guided
  • Easy-to-follow
  • Best value


Simple Meal Plans

Delivered to your inbox

  • Clean-eating
  • Varied Caloric Ranges
  • Two-week interval


At-Home Workouts

Train at home

  • Bodyweight Circuits
  • Mods as needed
  • Two variations monthly



The fine print.

The Personal Training (one-on-one) and Small Group Training programs include up to 12 sessions per month and a free in-gym consultation and assessment (weight, measurements, body fat assessment, and goal-setting). These programs also include results tracking — each time doing weight, measurements, body fat assessment, and goal-setting.

All programs include membership in the Team Saint private Facebook community, where members encourage and support one another, share progress, non-scale victories, inspiration, motivation, and more.

Please note: The Personal Training and Small Group Training programs require training at our facility, Streamline Fitness. Visit our home page for a location map.

Considering signing up and still have questions?

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